I'm writing on behalf of my father Alan Leyland who recently passed away, and our experience with BeeCared4. In short, I cannot imagine having gone through this experience without having Tricia, Colleen, Bob & their amazing staff (shout out to Phantashia, Pam & several others). Tricia, Colleen & Bob made our family part of their family. My father came home on hospice care with BeeCared4 as our home help agency. Hiring them was by far the best decision we could have made. When things got tough & I mean really tough, Tricia was there as soon as she could get there, even if her staff was already at our home. If it was off hours and we called, she came without hesitation. Colleen and Bob showed up with home made meals & when they learned of our Childs love of Corgis, they brought their sweet Scarlett (puppy corgi) over to play with our kids. Hospice serves its purpose, and to our hospice company we are grateful but, to Phantasisha & Pam we are eternally grateful for the love, compassionate care, competence & dignity they brought to my father his final months and days of life. They've even visited, written and called since my father passed. No words can thank them enough for how they treated my dad & my mom and I throughout this process. They thanked us for bringing them into our home but it is US who are grateful to them for helping us through this scary & painful process.
Leyland Family
I really liked Coco and Bob a lot. They're very on the ball and very smart. I really respect both of them. I knew when mom got sick and I needed help I automatically sought to call them because they impressed me so much. The caregiver was very nice, very kind, on time, and they did their job really well. We used them for a week and were great. I had no problems. I just called and they did what I needed. They didn't pester me about paying them. After my mom got out of the hospital a week later, they asked me if it was ok to charge it. They were a great company. They go the extra mile.
Teresa K.
I want to take the opportunity to thank Bee Cared 4 for their excellent and professional care at home. I was extremely lucky to have received a recommendation from another client to contact Bee Cared For 4 when I faced a 2-month home recuperation from a foot injury.
Everyone, from the owners to the home care providers, delivered exceptional personalized care. For me what separates Bee Cared 4 from other agencies is their total focus on the best interests of their client. Everyone on the staff was aware of my condition and progress. Examples of this concern were shown with frequent visits from the nursing staff as well as the owners verifying I was receiving good care.
I want to thank the entire staff for their dedication to their clients. I truly appreciate their passionate belief in customized care. Because of that assistance they have helped me get ‘back on my feet.’
Pat H.
The BeeCared4 staff is a group of people who genuinely want to help families through what can be a very difficult time. They exceeded my expectations. Any agency can send someone out to a client's home, but these people made themselves available after hours and on weekends and were an invaluable resource to us to help us navigate the complexities of having a sick and debilitated loved one. Could not have asked for more!
Peachtree City Urgent Care
Beecared4 provided by mother with quality care while we were away. We will definitely call them again!
Bryce L.
In July I asked a nurse if she knew she of a retired nurse but she said no but I do know somebody. Then 30 minutes later Bob and Colleen walked in from Bee Cared4 and I really liked their personality that just hit me. I had a good feeling so I went with them because I felt comfortable. I set up a time and Colleen and Tricia came over and we talked about prices and terms. I agreed to sign up the first caregiver didn’t suit me so I called Colleen and they sent another caregiver going forward. Phanthasia was my caregiver until the end of September. She has called me two times since she left. We hit it off great! She had eyes in the back of her head! Even if we’re going for a short trip she would make sure I was save on my feet. She was alert at the house and paid attention to me and did things she didn’t have to do. Professional in public and would assist me with walking and parking close and took care of me. We had personal conversations and shared personal stories going above and beyond. My day was was always interesting and we were comfortable with one another. She did personal duties like showering and also picked up the house and cooked and prepared my meals and even turned my bed back. Everything went so smooth and she even learned how to bake a cake! I would recommend Bee Cared4. If I need it again I would go back to them. I was totally comfortable.
Judy W.