Joan went home for the holidays and noticed the WIFI was out at her father’s home. Her father John said he couldn’t get it to work and he called the phone company, but they didn’t have a record of his account. Joan asked her dad what company he had his WIFI with and he said AT&T. She asked if she could call for him. Joan called on Monday and was told that she was not authorized on the account and they couldn’t look it up for her. She explained that she is his daughter and that he had called, and no one could find his account. The customer service representative re-explained that she needs to have her dad call to add her to the account. This took up most of Joan’s Monday—between calling her dad, conferencing in the phone company and so on… it turns out that John didn’t use AT&T as his internet provider but used Comcast- the same as his TV—So Joan spent another day getting added onto that account as well…

The owners of Bee Cared4, LLC have gone through a similar scenario personally with their own mother.  As Certified Senior Care Managers we offer a full spectrum of care. We will assist you with the many challenges you may face with an aging parent.

The moral of the story is—there is a balance between our parent’s independence and us helping them out in the case of an emergency.  Giving your parents the dignity to live at home if possible doesn’t mean they will be able to manage their home and all their finances and utilities. Start the conversations early to be added as an authorized name on each account.

You can be added as an authorized person on all utility bills, so you can make changes as needed.  If you wait too long your parent may no longer have enough cognition to understand these accounts and this will become very difficult as these companies have strict security guidelines.

  • Cable
  • Phone
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Garbage
  • Pest Control
  • Lawn
  • House cleaners
  • WIFI
  • Homeowners Association

Have a conversation about banking and credit card companies and get yourself added here too- you can help track suspicious actions, fraud and strange spending.

Acting early will help your parent live in their home longer and help them remain as independent as possible.

More Tips…

  • There are also Geriatric Care Managers that can assist you with this for a fee. Just be careful to do your due diligence to protect your family.
  • Check with your elder care attorney to also discuss power of attorney.



At Bee Cared4, we function differently than other in-home care agencies in Atlanta, GA.  We are very transparent in everything we do because we have “been there” and experienced what you are now feeling.  It was very confusing, stressful, overwhelming and frustrating for us to begin the search for in-home care for our mother.  We did Google searches and were taken to many referral websites that provided good learning information, but the sites did not answer our simple question of how much will in-home care for our mother cost?


During our on-line search process, we received endless calls from home care agencies trying to get us to book a “FREE In-Home Assessment” to “learn more about our mom.”  We wanted the cost information and were given opaque answers such as “it all depends on hours, how many hours per day, what type of care she needs.” Furthermore, we were told the answers to our cost questions would require an in- home visit. Once we met with an agency, there was no transparency as to how they came up with cost figures. We just got a number and that was that. This is the modus operandi of the home care industry and no agency has risen to be a “game changer”—until now.

Here is ourBeeCared4 story-

We started Bee Cared4  because we wanted to be better than the other agencies we dealt with and offer innovative solutions that really makes a difference in the care of older adults in need of help—our perennials *as we affectionally refer to our clients. Our standards for BeeCared4 are:

  1. Quality Care Givers. Pay our caregivers a good wage to live on and motivate them for peak performance.
  2. Communication between BeeCared4 management, our perennials and their families.
  3. A consistent caregiver that is a perfect fit, functionally and personality wise.
  4. Transparency of pricing and a detailed explanation why we may charge more than other agencies.


The truth is—we are a staffing agency that provides loving and professional care to our perennials. It is our job to find, recruit, interview, train and manage quality and qualified care givers specific to the needs of our perennials and their families.  This is a huge undertaking and one we take very seriously. We require a resume, a current CNA license, current CPR and First Aid Training- We have lengthy face to face interviews with the owners.  We do background checks, drug testing, additional training and frequent “announced and unannounced” on site visits by our nurse and owners. YES, on-site visits. From our experience dealing with many other agencies, this is not the industry standard- The state only requires a Care Manager or Nurse to come once every 100 days—we KNOW we must do this more to make certain everything is up to our exacting standards and the level of satisfaction of our perennials and their families is being exceeded.

*Perennial. Implies reinvention. Lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring. Perpetual.


We have added a page to our website at to allow you to view health conditions of your loved one and see exactly how much it will cost based on how many hours per week and projected length of time you intend to have In-home care.  You will review and complete our paperwork and purchase care packages right online at our web-site (  You can find our exact pricing online without having to have an in-home visit. Of course, we are available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have.

The more hours you use, the more your hourly rate lowers.  We know that the ONLY way to get quality caregivers is to give them a living wage, consistent work and show we care about them.  Accordingly, we pay $2.00-$3.00 more per hour than other area homecare agencies to attract and retain the best possible caregivers.  We pay the caregiver’s taxes– which now increases the hourly amount we pay by 20%. To motivate and reward for “on-time” attendance, we pay a bonus of $1.00 more per hour per 30-day cycle for “on- time clock ins”. What remains for BeeCared4 of the hourly rate we charge averages $5-$8 per hour –from which we pay overhead expenses and Federal/State taxes.

Our rates per hour range from $20.00-$30.00 depending on the package you choose.  Please visit to view our prices and pick a package that works for you. Once you have selected your care package, we will speak and meet with you to start the search for your ideal caregiver.