Medications can be expensive! It may seem a mixed blessing the gift of longer years lived comes with the price of what seems like an endless number of doctors’ visits and medications to take. Especially when it comes to paying for it. How do you manage it all?

Let me start by saying that it is so important to follow your doctor’s orders and take your prescribed medications! These meds were ordered for you to either prevent future health problems or manage health problems you are currently experiencing. It can seem overwhelming, or maybe even a daily chore you wish you didn’t have to deal with. But if you want to live your given years in the best health possible for you, you must take your medications, as prescribed. This is not negotiable!

Ok, so since not taking your meds is not an option, how do we make it a little easier for you? Making your medications more affordable may take a little pain out of the process. For this, I encourage you to do a little comparison shopping. The best news, you can do it right from your computer or smart phone!

Publix and WalMart both have a standard list of meds that are either free or a fixed price of $4 for 30 days, or $7.50 – $10 for 90 days. Look here to see if they offer any of your medications:$4-prescriptions/1078664

Another option, there is an app for making medications affordable that I currently love. It does your comparison shopping for you, right on your smart phone or other electronic device! What I love even more about it is that it shows the pharmacies closest to your location, and the prices quoted are in real time! It couldn’t be easier! You can also look up your meds on their website. The app is called GoodRx. Check it out here:

Another thing that is great about GoodRx is you can access the app or website from your phone while still at the doctor’s office and have the doctor call in your prescription straight to whichever pharmacy that is currently offering your med at the lowest price.

I also want to add that if you have medication coverage through Medicare or a private insurance policy, their mail order pharmacy services generally offer lower prices as compared to the traditional walk-up (retail) pharmacy. But still compare their prices to these other discounted medication resources; sometimes they are even less expensive than the co-pays the insurers charge.

While managing and taking your medications is a necessary part of living a longer, healthier life, why not save a few bucks in the process – and spend the savings on something you do love!

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